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My Story


How Pilates has Influenced My Life: 

Over a decade ago, I found my life in a challenging position. I had a sense of hopelessness toward making it through each day. I knew I was not being the mother I wanted to be to my five beautiful children. I had always been active and regularly made it to the gym for my quick routine. I was first introduced to a Pilates studio in Durham NC that soon began to change my life. Not only did I begin to connect with other people, I started to make a better connection with myself and my body. The more I practiced Pilates, the better I was feeling, which gave me the confidence I needed to help transition into a new place. When the Teacher Training program was presented to me, I knew this was my calling. It was the best decision I have ever made and it kept me grounded during a very unstable period. My life has changed because of the Pilates Method and and has been abundant ever sense. It is my passion to help others find the power of movement.

The Seed of 100’s to Happiness®

 The greatest joy I get from teaching Pilates is helping others feel better, even if only subtly. I strive to share the seed that was given to me.

After talking with a close friend about the lack of energy and poor health habits today, my mind immediately went to , “I want to try to get to those people!” How do I help those that have that keep them from exercising their body and mind effectively. “I know they will feel better, mentally and physically, if they just took the challenge to understand how to properly move and , more importantly, breath.” I thought about how Pilates made such a positive difference in my life and the 100’s to Happiness Challenge was born. I shared the challenge idea with friends and clients that have encouraged me to move with it! And that small seed has sprouted into something very special!

The Challenge

The biggest challenge of Pilates is learning to slow down and connect with your body, mind and breath. Another challenge, in today’s contemporary Pilates, is not fully understanding what Pilates is and where it came from. This will be the basis of the first 100’s to Happiness® Challenge. Taking Joseph Pilates’ original mat exercises and exploring them as he intended. Each exercise will vary in level. I recommend observing as much as possible. There will be movements that may leave you discouraged. But, as Joseph said, spend as much time as you need on one particular exercise until you have mastered to your ability. Learn how to make the movement work for you and with you. It is possible. Once you have, move to the next challenge. Pilates is the foundation work needed for all other movements in your life. Without the core support of your skeletal system and organs, you are at risk for injury and disease. 

The Reward 

The greatest reward, for sticking with the challenge, is that you should feel better…not only physically, but emotionally. You may walk taller and feel a stronger inner foundation. We also want to reward you along the way! Once you reach certain number of points, you will receive discounts on product and virtual services from the online store! Also, look for details about the 100’s to Happiness® Retreat in Tuscany Italy in the Fall of 2017. One lucky winner will win an all expense paid pass to attend! But.. you have to complete the 100 days to qualify. 

Congratulations on taking the 100’s to Happiness® Challenge? I’ll see you on the other side!