Happiness Movement: 100 Things to Make You Happy Today!

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While there are certainly aspects of life that are difficult and cause us to struggle, there is truly so much pleasure to be had that it just takes unlocking the door to open the floodgates. Give in to silliness. Give in to wackiness. Give in to hope. Give in to being happy. You are in control of your happiness, in control of how you navigate this world and the attitude that you bring to it. In so many ways, happiness is a choice, a conscious one that we have to make every single day. What’s lacking in life isn’t the number of things that could make us happy, it’s knowing how to see them—and then choosing to see them!

Happiness is a conscious choice

Happiness is also contagious. When one person takes up the mantle of being happy, that joy spreads from person to person. It only takes a little effort to be kind to someone, to do something that you didn’t have to do in order to make their day brighter. It only takes a small spark to brighten a day. What’s more, that happiness builds on itself within you. When you create that spark in the life of someone you know, you’ll find that your own fire is a little brighter.

But just in case you need a reminder today, here are one hundred little things in life that bring joy and happiness. This list is a great starting point, but it’s up to you to use it as a jumping off place to find your own mindfulness and happiness.

100 everyday things that make us happy

  1. Singing – the song doesn’t matter at all.
  2. A good hair day.
  3. Snagging a great parking space.
  4. Catching every green light.
  5. A great song on the radio.
  6. Rolling in the grass.
  7. A smile from a stranger.
  8. Popping bubble wrap.
  9. Waking up just before the alarm clock goes off.
  10. A clean kitchen.
  11. Freshly vacuumed carpets.
  12. The silence after the vacuum is turned off.
  13. Riding with the windows down.
  14. Clean sheets.
  15. Unsubscribing from a junk email list.
  16. Getting mail that is not a bill.
  17. Finding surprise money in your pocket you’d forgotten about.
  18. A purring cat in your lap.
  19. A dog who greets you at the door after a long day.
  20. A great movie trailer.
  21. A bubble bath.
  22. Dancing when no one is watching.
  23. Washing your face with a warm washcloth.
  24. Looking for shapes in the clouds.
  25. An elevator that arrives immediately after you press the button.
  26. Arriving just in time for your bus/subway car/plane
  27. Looping your favorite song.
  28. Remembering a happy time in childhood.
  29. Beating a level in a video game.
  30. A hug.
  31. Warm clothes out of the dryer.
  32. A perfectly popped bag of popcorn.
  33. Baby animal videos.
  34. Stepping outside to find that the weather is just right.
  35. Wrapping a present.
  36. Fireflies
  37. Gazing up at the stars.
  38. Hearing birds singing as you open the window.
  39. Running through a sprinkler.
  40. Getting retweeted.
  41. Your team scoring a point.
  42. Your favorite meme.
  43. Someone liking your post.
  44. A sticky note in the middle of a computer screen.
  45. A phone that’s charged 100%.
  46. Catching your phone just before it falls into the sink.
  47. A new episode of your favorite show.
  48. No one in the checkout line.
  49. The perfect sandwich.
  50. How crunchy foods feel in your mouth.
  51. The first bite of an apple.
  52. Peeling and orange in one piece.
  53. The smell of good cooking.
  54. Running your hand along a wall.
  55. Stepping over the cracks in the sidewalk.
  56. Jumping rope.
  57. Dangling bare feet into water.
  58. Skipping down the street.
  59. Finding a great deal.
  60. Coupons.
  61. Picking up a penny.
  62. Tossing a penny into a fountain.
  63. Babies giggling.
  64. Kittens.
  65. Puppies.
  66. New clothes.
  67. Fuzzy socks.
  68. Freshly brushed hair.
  69. The smell of coffee.
  70. Holding a warm mug.
  71. A full moon in a clear sky.
  72. A flower in bloom.
  73. Sunlight through a window.
  74. Finishing the 100.
  75. Constructive rest.
  76. Twists.
  77. Shoulder massages.
  78. Foot massages.
  79. Watching a ceiling fan.
  80. Afternoon naps.
  81. Sleeping late.
  82. A productive morning.
  83. Singing happy birthday to someone.
  84. Donating to charity, even just a dollar.
  85. Giving blood.
  86. Helping someone who needs you.
  87. Being needed.
  88. Someone saying “thank you”.
  89. Saying “you’re welcome”
  90. Holding the door for someone who needs it.
  91. Bagging your own groceries.
  92. Leaving a great tip.
  93. Getting a great tip.
  94. Being early for an appointment.
  95. A childhood cartoon.
  96. Having just enough milk for that last bowl of cereal.
  97. Eating an ice cream cone.
  98. Candles.
  99. Straightening a picture.
  100. Getting to the end of a list.

There are so many little things in life to make us happy! We don’t have to wait around for the major events in order to find joy in life. Look around you every single day and you’ll see so many potential ways for you to find happiness.

Take a moment for yourself today with a quiet moment for wellness and reflection – try it for the next 100 Days and see how it changes your life!

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