100s to Happiness™ Founder Lauren McClerkin

Lauren’s Story -

My name is Lauren and I am from Chapel Hill, NC.   In 2007, I entered InsideOut Body Therapies, in Durham NC, for my first private Pilates session.  I left that session craving for more.   I could not wait until the next.  Every time I walked out of my class, I felt something I had never felt before.  It grounded me and made me feel whole again.  

This was a particularly challenging period in my personal life.  With five small children, I needed to be the best I could be.  Pilates saved me.  Literally.

One afternoon, I was checking out after a class and noticed the teacher training program though The Pilates Center out of Boulder CO.  There was no question that this was for me.   I signed up immediately for the year long training program and it was the best decision I have ever made.  Since then, I have completed the Masters Training program at The Pilates Center Boulder CO studio.  

Over the years, I have grown my private practice and am blessed to have the most avid and dedicated clients one could ask for.  I wake up so blessed every day to love my job and love my clients.  It is the most rewarding position to be in.

Pilates is my breath and passion.  It is also my passion to help others find their movement.    When I was having a conversation with some friends and clients about the difficulty some staff members have in their office with health and movement, it hit a cord with me.  “I want to get to those that struggle with finding movement.  If I could touch just one person and help them find healthy movement and breath, I will have made a difference.”  From this seed, I founded the 100s to Happiness™ Challenge.  

I want to heal the world the best I can.  And I truly feel that Pilates provides a foundation that is like no other fitness regime out there.  It strengthens our center support system and is low impact on our joints.  This provides the means to a healthier body and happier mind.  

It is my mission to spread the 100s to Happiness™ factor across the globe.  I am committed to making a difference.  

Cheers to Happiness!


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